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fuzzy memories

Laura Levine photos
taken in the Eldridge street apartment, 1981

laying on jack's bed, enjoying refreshing beverages (bobby likes nehi)

standing on the bed (r.b. looking naughty, and she's been playing Crass records again)

more bed standing (dig those walls)

the notorious "I Love My Job" shot from Sounds magazine (torn from an army recruiting ad in the subway, a goof on a Bad Brains lyric)

live old skool

Peppermint Lounge (blood stains? who knows), check out the bored hippie right of stage

bobby looking really, really sexy at 171A (note strange tiny martians at lower left)

eric and rb rocking out in a woodshed - NO, it's Irving Plaza, apparently during renovations

Pep lounge, so close you can smell it (bobby in trenchcoat (?), and there's that lost hippie again)

bobby and rb, Pep again, too close for comfort

jack (and eric's back) at Irving Plaza, looking like high school talent show entrants (Kraut's kick drum covered with cardboard - DIY or die!)

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NY Thrash 20th Anniversary show, june 2002

rb, 6/ 21 ('75 gibson SG custom, sweeet)

more from 6/21, rb and eric (that's paul from Reagan Youth frontin' like aunt jemima in a head kerchief)

view from the audience, 6/21

rb and bob - tonight we're gonna rock ya... (6/22) Dave AOD and Billy Syndrome holding up the wall

eric shows off the gams that made him famous, 6/22

double trouble, 6/22

doing the classic "rather see you dead (than with wool on your head)", or just screaming at jack? Nick Marden in background.

rb and Stephan Prophet after the set, 6/22 '02.

rb smirking, sweaty and exhausted, 6/22

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rb relaxing with vodka, 1982

punx on St. Marks Place share a quart of beer, awww (note cop car!)... also we think that is lucky, drummer for the circle jerks, that rb is talking to (back to camera).

a cute fanzine, taken in 171A

the Peppermint Lounge marquee (we couldn't believe it)

jack and eric loitering outside 171A

rb and James Kontra (and friend - ? she was cool), doing animal imitations

rb and Kontra, harassing the tourists again

rb on St. Marks Place, overcome with emotion

williamsburg, brooklyn - someone wrote "polska" in lipstick

punks on the Trash & Vaudeville stoop - rb, Uncle Al, Kontra, Lazar and Bobby (note "no loitering" sign). i wish i could remember those girls' names!

Cathy Ratcage and rb, all dressed up and everywhere to go! Cathy did the make-up. note rb holding cigarette!

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