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December 2006

Even Worse is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century by creating a Myspace page... it's true! i've been trying to get it to *not* load the song when you view the page all morning, but "tom" (if that is his real name) seems to be ignoring my repeated pleas. damn the man!

so, go there and tell us what you think. or not. lah dee dah.

August 2006

wow... how time flies! unbelievable. i'm watching big brother (sad) and making the first updates in over a year. things like:

the addition of an exciting new message board! check it out! post stuff as crazy as you like. we're watching big brother, for crying out loud.

mr modoreefer is putting out navigator's "Zargon" CD, where rb plays bass on a live track recorded at CBGB in 1993. heavy goings on, like voivod meets... no thanks! uh, that's about it, really. see you on the other side!

June 2005
Links Added to Links Page (where else?)

i've added links with a definite left-leaning politik, perhaps not to everyone's liking but i personally feel there are certain 'things' that have been brushed under the carpet for far too long regarding iraq. a temporary move really, with the hopes that things will change radically and swiftly. as i'm in the UK i feel a necessity to increase awareness on the US front since the media there has its nads firmly cradled in bushie's vice.

February 2005
Massive Site Update Creates Major Headache

yes, i finally got off my duff and updated the site. we hope you like it. attempts at more frequent updates are planned, really. your humble webmaster has gotten married and moved to another country in the interim so cut me a little slack, mmmkay?

anyway, there's new reviews of the CD You've Ruined Everything on the Press page, they may or may not be in chronological order - i leave that kind of stuff to jack!

also, images from the CD's 16 page booklet have been added. a cheap attempt at coersion, obviously.

speaking of cheap... marvel at the sounds page, where we rip ourselves off by giving away some Even Worse tracks for free. grab 'em while you can 'cos server space and generosity are in short supply these days. they are quite compressed, the CD mixes are a frig of a lot better (buy the CD...BUY THE CD...).

January 2004

CBGB releases "Punk From The Bowery"
...well this happened quite a while ago but i finally noticed. we are on it - woo hoo! here is a review.

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