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the punker bunker, brighton, UK

the bad brains home page.

the undead. the real undead with bobby steele, not that *other* one.

the beastie boys. alright, read this!

the false prophets page on alternative tentacles.

jesse malin from heart attack. all grown up and going strong.

numerous punk labels - quite a list.

ratcage founder dave (donna lee) parsons on beastiemania.com. our very good friend, RIP.

ratcage records homepage.

even worse mentioned on beastiemania.com.
check out the whole "who is" section, very informative.

babes in boyland. she-rebels with a cause.

complete control nyc. tour booking, etc.

henry weld's awesome record collection.

slutfish records. the weird and woolly world of billy syndrome.

antifolk.net. are you punk enough? are you?

no thanks. donna damage and company on mr. modoreefer records. grrrr!

anarcho-syndicalism. ooh ooh, smash it up.

and of course, the big takeover. well, duh!

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let's get political...

even worse was never much of a political or peace-punk band (rb's penchant for bands of that ilk aside), but desperate times for call for desperate measures. therefore the following are supplied for your perusal and hopeful involvement:

impeach bush.
we can do this! intentionally misleading congress is an impeachable offense. march on washington 24 september.

awaken the mainstream media: downing street memo alert.
bringing it into the light of day where it should be.

the name says it all.

veterans for peace.
furthering the case for impeachment.

the people's email network: investigating the downing street memo.
filling in this ONE FORM will send and email to your local US representative, as well as a bevy of news networks and newspapers. there are many other useful links there as well, for example:

after downingstreet.org.
a powerful coalition working to increase pressure to take bushie to task.

easy peasy lemon squeezy! these links may not reflect your personal views on certain subjects but they sure as heck do your humble webmaster. all we want is the truth!

this page is eternally under construction. if you want to be linked send an email.

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