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>> part 4, (sigh) continued

Eric continued playing bass in various incarnations of The Spineless Yesmen (which included the Hutchinson brothers, and even Bobby at one point) as well as doing improvisational performances. He moved to Pennsylvania, with his wife Kim in 1990 to undertake the renovation of his great-grandfather's mountaintop farmhouse. From a converted dairy barn on the property, he has been designing and producing custom furniture as well as being a frequent contributor to Fine Woodworking magazine. He is married to Kim, and is the father of Louisa and Travis.

Bobby took a break from the music world for a few years and then went on to play in various N.Y. bands throughout the '80's and '90's including Drizzle, Woozy, and Chia Pet (featuring Christina Kelly and Jane Pratt of Sassy and Jane magazines). Now a programmer and photographer, he is part owner of the digital media company - Designhammer Media Group LLC in North Carolina, and just had his first child with his wife, Laura.

Myself, I put together one last Even Worse for 1982 - 1984, with Sommer on bass and Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore on guitar(!), and released two singles collectors now pay too much for, but that's matter for some other retrospective. Soon after, I did my first tour with SST band The Leaving Trains in '86, then formed Springhouse in '88. We put out two albums on Caroline Records, had a video on MTV, and were interviewed in Rolling Stone and Melody Maker. We're now recording a third LP, and I also play in Last Burning Embers, who have just finished an LP, too - after sharing bills with old Even Worse-era heroes like Buzzcocks and Alternative T.V.! But I still think about Even Worse, since it was all new, and again, the idea of belonging to a bigger scene ideal was something I've missed since. Otherwise, I still edit and publish The Big Takeover, from that same apartment three of us in Even Worse lived together, like real-life Monkees. I'll be married to my fiancee, Mary, in August.

We'll always be linked by NY Thrash and now this CD: As Bobby put it recently, "I'm amazed at some of the bands we played with and the numbers of people that were at the shows. I'm really grateful that we got to be part of that scene. What memories I have of these times are all great; of Bad Brains, Jerry Williams, 171A, Mojo, Marden, Patrick Mack, Dave and Cathy, and Rat Cage, Max's, and quarts of beer. What an amazing time to have been alive and involved with all of that. What we did in Even Worse was cool and I'm really proud of it." As a final and positive note, the four of us are all jazzed listening to this after so long, and have been having fun yakking by email and phone. Since we get along so much better now, we are reuniting for a week and are roping in some of the other bands we once played with for a NY Thrash 20th Anniversary Night at CBGB, on June 21 & 22, 2002.

So our final moments will not have been taken place March 27, 1982, after all. We have this chance to play this material and have some fun, like when we started together in April 1981. Most of all, I relish the thought of rehearsals at Eric's farm (we'll probably be laughing too hard to play!), with R.B. augmenting Bobby on guitar. I look forward to it with a bemused chuckle, which is the best reason for anyone to reunite! As R.B. jokes, "We couldn't be more scattered to the four corners of the earth now, either. The irony is, as always, overwhelming." Even as recently as March 2001, a friend of mine in L.A. called to tell me Bret on KXLU was playing that Max's version of "We Suck" that moment‹he held the phone up to the radio so I could hear. I called the station to offer thanks; and later went on his show to share Even Worse memories.

It's great to think our music survives somewhere no matter what!

Contact Even Worse:
Jack: jrabid@bigtakeover.com, www.bigtakeover.com
Bobby: robert@woozy.com, www.woozy.com
Eric: ekeil@epix.net
R.B.: gtrgrl999@yahoo.com

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