'You've Ruined Everything'

(released by Grand Theft Audio)

To punk aficionados of a certain age, the name Even Worse conjures memories of a time when New York punk was forced underground by a mainstream media that overexposed its every twitch until it became the 70's version of Haight Ashbury. After labels lured the big names away with corporate booty in extremis, New York's scene distilled into a volatile melange of reconstituted punk glory.

In the middle of of punk's reinvention, Summit, New Jersey's Even Worse (featuring Big Takeover publisher Jack Rabid on drums) erupted in New York as the purged scene's poster children. Sadly, the band's two-year history lacked any available recordings. Twenty years later, Grand Theft Audio rectifies that hole in New York history with 'You've Ruined Everything', a combination of studio material that should have made up Even Worse's debut album with a thunderous Max's Kansas City gig from summer 1981.

This is raw, ragged and gloriously cheap music played with the emotional volume of the Stooges and Pistols and the chaotic speed of roofing nails in a blender. Even Worse front woman R.B. Korbet was one of the few true female punks, and the band's lack of recorded documentation has reinforced her undeserved anonymity. This is the real New York rock.

- Brian Baker

Amplifier Magazine

issue #33 Nov-Dec 2002